Tuesday, August 10, 2010


German Red Strawberry. Seeds from Baker Creek.

First one!  WOW.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Main Sewer Line Replacement Part 2

Last Sunday, I finished replacing the main sewer line.  First, I removed the temporary fix and demo-ed the rest of the clay pipe.

Next, I cut out the cast-iron segment back to about its midpoint under the house.  The cast-iron is a bit tough to cut through but can be done with a good carbide blade and a little patience.  I then connected the old 3" cast-iron pipe to the new 3" ABS pipe with a Fernco coupler and extended this out through the hole in the foundation.  Here I added a 3" to 4" ABS coupler and added a new clean-out all glued together with ABS glue.

The new clean-out.  There will be a short length of pipe as well as a cap added.

The rest was easy: I ran the rest of the pipe and re-connected at the street with a 4" coupler.
 This was the easy part.

I did buy a torque wrench on ebay to set the proper tension of the Fernco couplers.  These are made to be cinched to 6olbs.  I have guessed in the past but since these will be underground (and hopefully trouble free) for a long time, I thought it best to do it right.

All connected and ready to go.  Just need to fill in the trenches.